About Pia

About Originella Original

Our office is situated in beautiful Åkersberga, near the water in the archipelago, in the north part of Stockholm, Sweden. Originella Original® is a registered trademark made by Pia, who also owns and runs the company. Pia creates art in her Studio, and from it, she developes the assortment. beacause of the hard work behind each design it is important to continuesly work with suppliers who can offer high quality items which are carefully made and produced with materials and methods that care for our environment.
Originella Original brings art to your home and joy to your soul.

About Pia

Mother – wife – artist – fun – animal friend – emotional – music lover

I was 17 when I created the name Originella Original – in my mind.  I wanted to work with my art and dreamt about going to art school to become an advertising illustrator. But the schools were too expensive for me. So, instead I got an ordinary job in an office. Work came between me and my dream. I got a family, a house, a car and a dog … but I still dreamt about Originella Original. And I kept on drawing, painting, photographing in my spear time.
I had made myself a carrier in logistics, international trade and worldwide transport. But I was unhappy,  because I knew I had a talent and I threw it away.
So, one day, after 22 years in an office, I did it! I resigned! Jumped off the cliff and didn’t have a clue where I would land. But I had 42 greeting card designs, I took a small loan in a bank and I ordered the cards from a printing company. I booked a stand at an international trade show. And on the show I got my first retailers.  That is how it started. People thought I was crazy. But I have never regretted it. And I thank my husband for pushing me and believing in me. Love!

Since my start I have developed other products than the cards. I have found my signum as a designer and it is easy to recognize a product from my brand Originella Original®.
I like to keep things simple and full of expression. I work with clear and bright colours. If I can make people happy with my art, I have succeeded. I paint with lots of emotions involved, always with music in my ears and always with a cup of coffee beside me. When I create, I work from my home studio from where I can see the wonderful little forest behind our house, filled with wildlife. I often go there with our dog, Balder, our black labrador to get inspiration to my art.

  • Konstnär Pia Bergvall Lundén