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In Vallentuna, a beautiful suburb to Stockholm, next to a sweet little forest lies a yellow house. There is my home and my studio. I actually create best at the kitchen table where I can look out over a clearing in the forest, filled with small birds and squirrels and sometimes occasional deer or fox will appear and I love to watch them. Animals are often recurring in most of my creations.

How it started

I have the comic magazine Prins Valiant to thank for getting me started drawing. I practiced by drawing all the princesses and knights, monks and horses from the magazines. I drew everything everything I could see and continued to draw from photos. It came naturally to me. That’s how I learned. I have always had an eye for details and colors. In the end, I decided to just create from imagination and from memories. It was time I found my own style. What would become my artistic signature style.

My inspiration

I get my inspiration mostly from childhood memories and from fairy tales that was read to me when I was a little girl. Fairy tales I also read to my children. I also find inspiration in places and beautiful things I see around me.

About me

I am the mother of three, now grown ups, married to my Ludde (whom many of my customers have met at trade shows over the years). He is my rock. I’m a daydreamer who likes to “fika” and photography. I always take photos of everything – all the time! And I love music and singing and of course drawing and painting.

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