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About Pia

My name is Pia Bergvall Lundén, mother of 3 now grown-up children and married to Ludde, my rock. In beautiful Vallentuna, in the north of Stockholm, next to a sweet little forest, I live and work. I love coffee and singer-songwriter music. I see myself as a one-woman design agency with a brand of my own, but welcomes collaborations with other companies and brands.

Self tought

I have no fancy art school to flash with. I am self-taught and I was born with the gift of being able to draw. I think that the fact that I am self-taught has made me find my own style, my signature as an illustrator and artist, without any influence from others. Yet, an education would have helped me enter this colorful world a bit sooner. Instead I worked for a long time in the corporate world and spent the rest of the time freelancing as an illustrator and photographer.

In 2010 I resigned to follow my conviction that I wanted to run my own business and started Originella Original Sweden AB. I work in Vallentuna, a suburb in northern Stockholm. I find inspiration from nature and wildlife, childhood memories, fairytales and fables. I love fairytales and when I was little I was very fascinated by the pictures in all the books. I think I remember almost every picture from my favorite books. The Bears who went to the Moon, Jakob and Joachim, The Wonderful Pumpkin. . . oh, I can go on and on . . .

Everything I create is basically hand painted and drawn by me. I make the originals by hand, with pen and paper, alternatively I draw with a pen on the iPad, in a program called Procreate. I deliver images digitally in various formats for various printing techniques. My style is more rather than less. I am versatile and enjoy creating beautifully delicate designs for adults, as well as making charming, fun, playful images and designs for children.

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