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Surface & Pattern design by Pia Bergvall Lundén

Originella Original trays


Welcome to visit our webshop

Originella Original Studio

Our store in Vallentuna

The doors are opened to my studio/store in Vallentuna, (northern Stockholm) Sweden.
Opening hours tuesday – friday 11-16. Please call me for other time reservations.
If the store is closed for some reason, I will post it on Instagram/Facebook. Plese follow me there.

Sweden Grace – Japan

I gladly welcome our new retailer in Japan, Maiko Kawakami and Sweden Grace. So glad to have you onboard.


Most of Pias patterns are available on wallpaper.

My patterns and illustrations are available for licensing!

I am just a call away. Let’s connect!


I create unique and enchanting illustrations that capture the hearts of both adults and children, inspired by memories and fairy tales and my imagination.


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