Meny Stäng

Design by Pia Bergvall Lundén

  • Svensk design handmålade motiv kvalitet
Here is my latest pattern catalogue:

Underbar rund bricka med katter

Pia Bergvall Lundén

Who am I?

I am Pia Bergvall Lundén, swedish pattern- and surfacedesigner, and the heart behind the brand and company Originella Original®. I live and work in Vallentuna, in the northern part of Stockholm, Sweden.
I simply love to express myself through art & Illustrations.

What I do

I sell my branded producs through resellers and in my webshop.

I also work and collaborate with other companies and brands with Art Licensing.

Feel free to follow me in social media @originella_original – My branded Originella Original® products.

@studiopibelu – My design studio

How I do it

I decorate objects with my designs. I draw everything by hand and thereafter I use various techniques for coloring. Sometimes watercolor, gouache or acrylic paint. Sometimes I digitize and vectorize my hand made drawings and do the coloring digitally. It all depends on the final product.


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