Work with me!

Hi, I am Pia.
Let me help you and your company or brand by create stunning and appealing patterns or placement designs.

My range is very diverse. I make patterns appealing to both grown ups and children. My color palette is filled with soft and delicate color tones on one side, and on the other, clear and happy colors.
I am a one-woman design agency, filled with a wide range of styles and expressions, a never ending source of images just dying to get out on paper.

I draw by hand, always. I use the computer as a tool to digitize my handmade illustrations to prepare them for different purposes or objects.

Seeing my drawings turn to patterns on products is a divine feeling. I simply love everything beautiful and it is a blessing to be a part of creating something sustainable that can bring joy to others.

Just give me a call and let me hear about your idéas or project.

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Below are a few examples of my patterns

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